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View the latest post Surge New Guild Web Site (Enjin)


Head over to our new guild website and make account or log in with exsisting account if you have.

Make sure you Account name is same as the one you are using on your main char in World of Warcraft.

Once you made account, log into our guild website and make sure you press "JOIN WEBSITE" and we'll give you premission to use forums acording to your rank.

Also make sure you link your char to your account on Enjin it will be req for Sign ups on events and other stuff.

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View the latest post Warlords of Draenor and Surge

Cinematic has revealed the release date of 13-11-2014!

In the meantime, Surge is having a busy time on the BETA. Sorting out tactics for HEROICS and soon MYTHIC raids as well.

The good news? We are still recruiting! So if you're on the lookout for a hardcore raiding guild with a banter full atmosphere (you need to be able handling it), poke one of our officers or drop an application!

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View the latest post Garrosh 25H dead - tier over and done with!


We can only say one thing: Fanfuckingfinally! Our killvideo below is also featured on the media page.

Message from Timmad:

To all, who have stuck through the shit to get where we are now, i think we have earned our selves a kill. Like 1 gay rapper said once, Started from the bottom now we're here. Well we did ! Assholes came, assholes left, and the guys we wanted to keep stayed, this is why we are becoming a fucking force, and this is why we will maintain our Realm first dominance in WoD.
So from me to you. Enjoy and prepare for what is garunteed to be a fucking amazing expansion !

Lets do this shall we!?

Let's do this indeed! Onwards to WoD!

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View the latest post Sell runs!

SURGE realm #1 25man & #1 Challenge Mode team on EU Twilight’s Hammer is proud to announce that we are selling achievements and loot found in our sales forum. We do not refer to them here as 'boosts' as we are happy for people to enjoy the experience and do not consider boost as a respectable term. And there are no gear requirements on you for any sale so get involved!

For more information on our sale runs, please visit:


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View the latest post Garrosh down on 10 man heroic!

SURGE has killed Garrosh on 10 man HC. Progressing on it one day, the following team put down an impressive fast kill (10th EU/US) as well!


Zerovelocity (prot warrior)

Timmad (resto shaman)
Heafstaag (disc priest)

Orctastic (warlock)
Pulzzar (warlock)
Uburus (rogue best Iron star kiter EU)
Axlvg (rogue)
Monoroth (ret paladin)
Nekzi (hunter)
Funkylowlife (ele shaman)

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